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There is no such thing as “away”.  When we throw something away it must go somewhere.

Annie Leonard

I found this quote online and it hit a nerve.  We live in a world where it is now cheaper to buy a new TV than it is to repair one and where we are urged to buy the latest and greatest model ….. ( insert phone, car or whatever) merely months after we bought  the previous latest and greatest model.  I am one of the frustrated minority that can not see the benefit in purchasing something that only offers a small improvement in functionality over a perfectly working earlier model.  Mobile phones are probably the best example here.

Apple churns out new models seemingly every month with hype and fanfare that whips up such a feeding frenzy that leaves me wondering if those that buy the latest iPhone have collectively lost their minds. I want to ask them: What was wrong with the last one?  If it was so bad, why are you buying a a newer one from the same company?  Or,  If the last one was so good, why do you need a new one already?    Ok, so.. it can do this and that, but does it still make calls?  And.. it can instantly connect you to everyone and everything online, but are you now more or even less connected to the real world?  Or,  are you buying the latest one to outdo your friends?  And how is that working out?

Another online quote comes to mind here.


“We spend money that we do not have, on things we do not need, to impress people who do not care.”


Have we really become so used to updating everything from software to gadgets that we have forgotten what it was like to actually get something quality that lasted?  Perhaps this is showing my age, but I  remember a time when you bought something and it would last seemingly forever.  Parts to repair these items were readily available and a whole service industry revolved around squeezing every last drop of use out of these items.  Now all these jobs are slowly disappearing to be replaced by a manufacturing job most likely in China!

Fast forward to today and the payment plan is usually longer than the life of the latest must have gadget!  Software updates are a weekly, if not daily, event.  Somehow every software update makes your gadget slower and more temperamental , making us believe we need the new model that will be released soon.  It is now coming to light that these updates are actually designed to do exactly that!  Slow down the older model and people are sure to want the newer faster model. A win for the company involved, but a morally corrupt practice!  Some businesses really need to take a look at themselves and their so called business practices! Shame on you!

And that leads me to the reason for today’s blog.   What happens to all these rejected gadgets? Sure,  some get passed on to others in one way or another, but most end up thrown away.  And they will end up somewhere, even away is somewhere!  We live in a throw away society, and everything ends up on the rubbish tip eventually.  I want this blog post to encourage you  to make a difference.  Even small changes will have some impact.  Perhaps you could rethink that latest must have item.  Do you really need it?  Can you still fix the old one?  Are the benefits of the new one really so great, or is it just more hype?

Can you keep some items from hitting landfill?  Become crafty and make something like the recycled jewellery here.  These pendants are seriously cool! To help you get your creative juices flowing I want to share this free ebook from Favecraft containing a few tutorials on reusing some potential landfillers.  Download it for free and have a go at crafting something unique and special. Don’t just follow step by step, but put your own spin on them making your creation truly unique.  Rather than add to the rubbish tip, keep something from getting there.

Simply click on the link below to download the pdf.



This blog post has become something of a wince about desperation driven consumerism, (sorry) but once I get on that soapbox…..

But please folks… don’t be part of the problem,  be the solution!


Till next time.  Happy crafting!

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