Envirosafe Fly Trap Review


Envirosafe Fly Trap Review

Envirosafe Fly Trap
Envirosafe Fly Trap



Whew, hasn’t this summer been a stinker so far? If you live in the tropical North like we do, you would certainly have noticed the increased amount of flies that have accompanied this intolerable heat. The first hint we had that this was going to be a fly infested summer was when we had our first, and hopefully last, occurrence of an horror episode that we call ” The Marching Rice Syndrome”. To clarify, this is what happens when you do not empty your, not even half full, kitchen bin on a very hot day and the blow flies have a sex marathon in said bin producing millions of Marching Rice aka Maggots. This happens at least once a year when the lack of flies of previous months have lulled us into a false sense of security that last years horror Marching Flies episode was just a figment of our imagination. Of course, the first indication you have that your kitchen floor has been transformed into a moving surface is when you stumble half asleep and bare footed into the kitchen to make that first vital cuppa only to have something squish under your feet. Standing frozen on the spot you then switch on the light, and with a loud screeching scream the whole household is instantly awake too!

So, instead of the much needed cup of tea, the first order of the day is to try and clear the floor of marching rice while trying not to be sick. The dilemma is this: although this would be my first choice, you cannot vacuum them up as these maggots will surely become flies in your vacuum bag and a new chapter to this horror story would be written. The other option is to somehow sweep them up while they roll and wriggle around the floor to dark corners under cookers and fridges that have not seen a mop for far too long, whilst not trying to replicate the earlier squashy squishy feeling under your feet. Ughhh!. I tell you… this is NOT a good start to the day!.

Ok.. So I exaggerated slightly… there were not THAT many, but boy oh boy is it a horrible thing to wake up to, and it certainly did not leave me in my creative zen like state!

The thing is, there are are sure to be a few that get away, and all through the summer we run the risk of an Encore performance of the Marching Rice. Guess who puts the bin out every night during the warmer months? Yeah you guessed right.

This year being much worse for flies for some reason, Hubby and I decided to invest in a fly eradication system. In previous years flies have not been so numerous, and the good old blue light has worked it’s wonder making satisfying “zinggg” noises when another fly fries on the electrified bars. This year however we had to invest in little food tents to enable us to continue our dinners out on the veranda without combining it with our yearly quota of arm swatting exercises So, off we went to the local Bunning Store to see what new fly systems are available. Being pretty environmentally aware, we decided on a cheap and Environmentally Safe system called the Envirosafe  Fly Trap. The packaging promised great results and was made for Aussie Flies. Winner! Or so we thought!


We took them home, mixed the little packet with water and hung the little traps around the veranda. Easy Peasy. Now we wait. Have you tried this system? Well here is what happened:

Day 1: Yup, fly trap is working well, and many flies are getting trapped.

Day 2: Even more flies are trapped, but there seem to be more flies about too.

Day 3: Even more flies, but still many flies about…. beginning to wonder if our traps are attracting ALL the neighbourhood flies from miles around. Also, I think we have a dead rat somewhere.

Day 4: Many flies are dead and trapped and just about all the liquid in the traps has disappeared under weight of the bodies of flies.

Day 5: More flies, but I think we have a dead cat somewhere. The smell…

Day 6: Hubby drew the short straw and has to clear the dead flies from the liquid so he can top it up. He does this only because I cleared the kitchen of Marching Rice. While gagging and trying not to be sick he wonders if this is not worse than clearing the marching rice. The dead cat is probably a dead cow judging from the smell.

Day 7: Yes.. we are now certain that all the flies from around town are making their way to OUR traps. They are working, but at what cost? The dead cow is now almost certainly a dead elephant somewhere near our house. The smell comes from the traps and is overpowering. We have dinner inside that evening with the doors closed and the Air Conditioning on full blast.

Day 8: The neighbour calls the police as he fears we have murdered someone. We explain about the flytraps to the police, and are let of with a warning about pollution. They also say they have been getting many calls from worried neighbours of people with the same fly traps as us.

Day 9: We have emptied the traps and the dead body smell disappears along with the liquid. The flies are more numerous than ever.

Ok.. so I made the day 8 entry up. But seriously… the smell was terrible from day 3 and made it impossible to enjoy eating out.

Fly Poblems
Fly Problems


So now I have these little empty Envirosafe Fly Traps mocking me every time I step out. They work well, but the smell is unbearable. Next plan is to find an alternative to the smelly solution in the traps. Meanwhile my hubbies beer has two flies in it. Could it be that simple? Beer in traps? Is this going to be a crime in all beer drinkers eyes?

A few positives from this little episode. It turns out our pond fish simply love maggots and ensure safe disposal of maggots with no chance of them growing into pesky flies..

No sign of any door to door sellers at all during the trap on veranda phase. Perhaps the dead smell is the best door to door seller deterrent yet.

EDIT:  I discovered that beer does do the job.  Simply put some beer in the traps, and the flies will come for a swim until they are drunk. Best of all… no smell!!  NB.  Before you beer drinkers start sending me hate mail for misusing your favorite refreshment, I don’t use actual drinkable beer for this  but use my husbands home brew dregs instead.  More on that in another blog.

Have a great day. Come back some time!