How to clean Stainless Steel Jewelry


How to Clean Stainless Steel Jewelry

Stainless Steel Fashion Jewelry is back in the spotlight. Previously considered the poor second cousin of Gold and Silver, stainless steel jewelry it is now often the metal of choice especially for men. Why? Well…generally men just don’t DO “pretty”. They do Tough. They do Masculine. They do Rugged.  Men want jewelry that is stylish yet tough as nails. Something that can keep up with their rugged lifestyle.  And there is so much really elegant and pretty stainless steel jewelry for women too!.

Stainless Steel Jewelry ticks all the boxes, and here is why.

Stainless Steel Fashion Jewelry Pendants
Stainless Steel Pendants


Stainless Steel Jewelry. Ahhh! The name says it all. It is Stainless. It is Steel. And now, it is jewelry too. Awesome!

DO you possess a piece of jewelry that you truly love but are too scared to wear because it is made from soft gold or silver? Have you got jewelry sitting in a box waiting to be polished ready for its next outing? Have you ever lost a piece of expensive jewelry because you forgot to remove it before taking a dip in the ocean? Or worse, have you lost your jewelry because you did remember to take it off but you can not remember the “safe” place you put it in? There is a good chance that one or some of these scenario’s apply to you.

Look…. We all understand the concept of jewelry don’t we?. We all love it because they are personal ornaments designed to draw attention to ourselves or parts of our body. Jewelry makes us feel good. Usually it was gifted to us, or it was a treat to ourselves, or a much coveted heirloom. Where ever the piece of jewelry came from, or what ever it is, there is probably at least one reason why you may not be wearing it as often as you would like.

This brings me to Stainless Steel Jewelry. It is Awesome. Did I mention how awesome it is?

Let’s look at its advantages.


  • Unlike Gold or Silver, Stainless Steel is hard as Nails.. Literally. You can wear this knowing you are not going to break it when you sneeze.



  • 316 Stainless Steel always looks good. It requires very little maintenance. It doesn’t tarnish, or smudge and doesn’t scratch easily. But even if it does, it only adds to its rugged character.



  • Stainless Steel Jewelry is versatile. Very, Very Versatile. You can swim with it, sweat with it, even wear it while fixing the car. Hell…You could even fix the car with it!!



  • It is very affordable compared to gold or silver jewelry. You can own an impressive piece of jewelry for a fraction of the gold equivalent. So you are more likely to wear it without fear.



  • Stainless Steel jewelry has come a long way from wearing a bike chain around your neck. Have you seen what is out there? Have you checked? You really should, you know.

We do have a wide range of Stainless Steel Jewelry available right here in our Knicknacs Shop and Stainless Steel Jewelry Category.

stainless steel fashion jewelry
Stainless steel Bracelet


Ok. Now that you know why you should be checking out Stainless Steel Jewelry I will tell you how to care for stainless steel.

Best Stainless Steel Cleaning Tips.

Soft cloth . Rub. That’s it!. Truly that’s it!. The worse that can happen to your Stainless Steel Jewelry is that it gets some water stains on it after swimming (caused by calcium and magnesium ).

So.. once again. Soft cloth and rub. Some people are tempted to use soap and water… Don’t!  Soap scum build up is not the look you want for your jewelry. But…if you like playing with bubbles while cleaning your stainless jewelry you could use dish washing liquid.  It will not cause soap scum build up.

Soft cloth and rub! There are also loads of stainless steel polishes and polishing cloths  on the market. If you miss polishing your jewelry once you start wearing Stainless Steel you can use one of these. But only if you really,  really want to.

Now of course you will tell me that you have already tried the soft cloth approach but you can not remove the tarnish.  Well… here I am afraid I will have to tell you that your stainless steel jewelry is not of very high quality.  Most quality stainless steel jewelry is made from 316 stainless steel, and simply does not tarnish.

If you do however have a favourite piece of Stainless  Steel fashion Jewelry that shows signs of tarnish, you could try cleaning it with baking soda and vinegar.  Simply mix the two into a consistency similar to tooth paste, and clean your jewelry item with the paste on a soft tooth brush.  Scrub until you are happy with the result, and rinse the item under cold water.  Once dry, take a soft cloth and rub.  Yes… that again.. soft cloth and rub.

So, here you have some very simple stainless steel cleaning tips.  I hope you found this article useful.  If you have any comments or want to ask anything about this or any other post or item please use the contact form below or comment on the post.

Till next time!

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