3 D Optical Illusion Pendant Necklace


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3 D Optical Illusion Pendant Necklace

An unusual, conversation starter piece of jewellery. This optical illusion Pendant Necklace gives the illusion a deeper layer beneath the first created by the intelligent use of design and colour. Rather like the old TV Test picture, this black and white image is set in a pendant that is 25 mm x 25 mm x 25 mm and made from 925 silver plated metal. Treat yourself to this conversation starting pendant.

3d Test picture optical Illusion Pendant
3d Test picture optical Illusion Pendant



Handcrafted unique item.

Pendant Price includes a wire necklace of complimentary colour. The Necklace is 14 cm in diameter. You can of course suspend the pendant from your own choice of Necklace.

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