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Genuine Fossil Pendant.

genuine fossil pendant necklace

Genuine Fossil Pendant on Braided Leather Necklace. The Pendant measures approximately 60 mm x 25 mm x 10 mm. The Pendant size including Connector Finding is approximately 75 mm.

This pendant consists of a genuine fossil, something you won’t see everyday. No, it is not perfect, but neither would you be if you were as old as this fossil. This is a conversation piece rather than a fashion statement. As such it is unisex and a great gift for male or female.

The price of the pendant includes the Black Leather Braided Necklace as shown in the photographs

black braided leather necklace

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NB. Alhough all care has been take during the photography process, colour of actual item may vary slightly from that shown in the photograph.

Product #: FOSXUEAH62

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