Hematite Black Fish Earrings


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Hematite Black Fish Earrings

Hematite Black Fish Earrings. These black non Magnetic Hematite Fish Character Earrings are on hypoallergenic ear wires. Hematite ( also written as Haematite) is the mineral form of Iron Oxide. The Mineral is considered valuable for its healing properties especially for blood disorders like Anemia or blood pressure. Hematite comes in two forms, magnetic and non magnetic. In natural Hematite a small amount of magnetism is present, but this is generally strengthened by a mechanical process to create the more popular magnetic hematite. Either way, you can expect some healing properties from both forms.

The approximate size of the Black Hematite Fish is 5.5 cm x 1.5 cm x 3 mm.

Hematite Black Fish Earrings
Hematite Black Fish Earrings

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