Recycled Jewellery Integrated Circuit Pendant R20


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Recycled Jewellery Integrated Circuit Pendant R20

Need to find a gift for your Geek friend?  Please your geek with this unique integrated circuit Necklace. Stylish, modern and one of a kind.

The bezel is 925 silver plated containing a piece of computer circuitry especially selected for its intricate detail and sense of fun.

IC R20 may even save the world one day! Ok.. I made that one up. But you never know, one day the world may need THIS particular chip to start that old computer to safe the world. Just like in the movies!

Purchasing recycled jewellery is the ethical way add a sense of style to your outfit while saving our planet. Win Win!

Integrated Circuit Jewelry Pendant Necklace R20
Integrated Circuit JewelryPendant Necklace R20

Pendant size 25 mm x 25 mm x 5 mm.

Handcrafted unique item.

Pendant Price includes the Black leather necklace shown.

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Product #: IC R20EH47

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Available from: Knicknacs Australia

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