Integrated Circuit Tile C7 Pendant


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Integrated Circuit Tile C7 Pendant

Tech Tile C7 Integrated Circuit Jewellery



Stuck for a present for one of your geekier friends?

Perhaps you know he/she is not the regular jewellery kind.

This piece of fun recycled circuitry can be worn by men or women who are concerned about the environment while still being appreciative of the power of technology.

So much detail has been put into the design of this IC that it would be a shame to let it end up in landfill somewhere.

The intricate and small detail is really quite beautiful.

Encased in a 925 Silver Plated Bezel, this pendant will keep looking great for a long time to come. Pendant size 25 mm x 25 mm x 5 mm. Handcrafted unique item. Pendant Price includes the leather cord necklace shown.

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