Recycled Circuit Board Pendant VIA


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Recycled Circuit Board Pendant VIA

Don’t you love the technology of an integrated circuit board? They are intricate and detailed and once upon a time they would have been the latest technology available.

Buying this piece of jewellery will help you help our planet. One less item reaching our already overflowing rubbish tips. It also makes for quite an unusual piece of jewelry.

Unique and especially chosen for the variation of components on just this small section of the board, this will be a conversation piece for sure.

Integrated Jewellery AD1 Recycled Pendant

Wear this technology inspired pendant to dress up your outfit when bling just doesn’t cut it.

Recycled Circuit Board Pendant VIA
Recycled Circuit Board Pendant VIA


Recycled Jewellery, Feel good Jewellery

Finally release your inner geek with this modern twist on recycled Jewellery from computer technology.

Pendant size 25 mm x 25 mm x 5 mm. Handcrafted unique item. Pendant Price includes a suede leather cord necklace or select the necklace of your choice from our Beads and Findings Section.

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