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Ring Size Guide

Please use this Ring Size Guide to help you decide on your correct ring size. All ring sizes given on Knicknacs product pages are in US size. The Guide below can be used to convert to a familiar size for you.  Here you will find the Australian Ring Conversion Chart, The US Ring Conversion Chart, the European Ring Conversion Chart and the Metric Ring Conversion Chart all rolled into one handy chart.

As an guide, the average women’s ring finger is somewhere between US 5 and US 8. Most men’s ring finger is between US 8.5 and 13.

To get an accurate measurement it is important to measure your finger more than once over the course of a day as certain events can change your measurement.  Events that can change your measurement can be the weather, what you ate, medication etc.

You can use an existing ring as your guide or simply wind a piece of string around the finger you want to measure.  Make sure you do not overlap the string.  Then, using this string measurement with a ruler obtain your Internal Circumference.  Use the guide below to convert your measurement to US, Australian or European Size.

Australian Ring Size Guide
US Ring Size Guide, Australian Ring Size Guide, European Ring Size Guide, Metric Ring Size Guide.


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