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Hey There!

How Are you?

I am Ingrid, owner/operator of Knicknacs. My shop is an eclectic mix of products either sourced, designed or crafted by myself. Why?…Well, why not?

All my adult life I worked in what I call “Logical” industries. My qualifications are in the Medical Technology field. Then after leaving the UK to immigrate to Australia I drifted into IT and Banking, again as a Technician and Problem Solver. Something is broken and needs to be fixed. Who are you going to call? A technician of course! This was not always straight forward, and improvisation and finding logical solutions became a way of life.

Although these industries have been good to me, they were not exactly fulfilling the artistic side of me. Between working and being on call there never seemed to be time to do much else. I have always enjoyed crafts, but found I was not really suited to following the herd. I found myself looking at objects and wondering what else I could do with them, or what would happen if I did “this” to it. Sometimes with spectacular results!! I guess the Technician is always present.

A few years ago the stress and uncertainty of always being on call finally became too much and I promptly told my husband that I was “done with it” and set off to find another source of income that was more fulfilling. I do appreciate that not everyone can do this, and I am extremely grateful to my husband for allowing me the time to do this and standing by my decision.

So what happened next? I became a Marketer. Sourcing nice things to sell and attending local markets, while bootstrapping a business along the way. This was fun, but the hankering for something more creative was always there. Then came the solution! Sell something Unique. Something I made myself. Sell online as well as locally. The feedback for my initial creations was very encouraging and my customers like the unusual media, the creativity, and the sense of fun.

As you can see under the “Handcrafted” categories on this site…. it is a very diverse selection. Most are “one of a kind”, some are merely “assembled” bits and pieces, but all are made with love and with you, the customer, in mind. All other products are sourced by me and selected for their quality.

So there you have it, “Knicknacs“. I hope you enjoy the selection of items you find here. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about us. Or perhaps you have a special request. Don’t forget to sign up to Knicknacs Newsletter for more About US and Special discounts, Sales, and Coupons.

Have a great Day.

Ingrid xx

NB … and the most important bit… Knicknacs is an Australian Registered Business. ABN no 21022328578. You can check our ABN here on this Australian Government Website to make sure we are who we say we are.